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Home > International Conference on FRESH WATER GOVERNANCE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT > Invitaion to Fund/Sponsor/Exhibit



5th to 7th November, 2012

Champagne Sports Resort, Drakensberg,South Africa


Organised by the

Water Research Commission

and the

Department of Water Affairs – South Africa


together with

Australian National University (ANU) : UNESCO Chair in Water Economics and Transboundary Water Governance

with the support and co-operation of

African Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR)

Capacity Building Network of the UNDP (CAP-NET) / WRM

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Institute of Natural Resources (INR)

Instituto de Investigação em Aguas (IIA)

Global Water Partnership of Southern Africa (GWPSA)

Global Water System Project (GWSP)

Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI)

Orange-Senqu River Commission (ORASECOM)

Southern African Development Community (SADC)

Trans Caledon Tunnel Authority (TCTA)

UNESCO-International Hydrological Programme (IHP)

University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)

University of Pretoria and CIRAD: Coopération International en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement

Water Institute of South Africa (WISA)



As pressure on freshwater resources increase across the globe, so does our need to govern the use of these resources in a way that is sustainable into the future. This international conference will bring together policy makers, water managers, scientists and civil society, in a forum where new ideas beyond academic exchange for the future can be shared, nurtured and hopefully developed.

The conference will take place from Monday, 5th to Wednesday, 7th November 2012 at the Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakensburg, South Africa. The Resort is an ideal conference venue with16 auditoria of varying sizes in a large thatched roof conference centre facing the peaks of Champagne Castle and Cathkin Peak in the Drakensburg range of mountains.


The conference is hosted by a number of local, regional and international partners. It is aimed to share new knowledge on the top of sustainable fresh water governance through written papers and posters as well as to allow for multi-stakeholder panel discussions mainly between researchers and policy makers as well as civil society. It will further support the hosting of special sessions, side events/workshops on related topics, moot courts role playing, knowledge café and other activities. A wide range of topics related to sustainable fresh water governance will be covered:

  • Analysing the implementation challenges of policies
  • Analysing water governance research for impact on policy, action and decision making.
  • Effective and sustainable national and transnational water governance
  • Governing trade-offs between water for energy, food and the environment in a changing climate to ensure climate resilient development
  • Viable decentralisation options to promote adaptive management
  • Financing and infrastructure development
  • Capacity building for leadership at the sub-national scale
  • Applicable water regulation for enhanced accountability
  • Sharing case studies of IWRM implementation and lessons learnt
  • Managing common property resources and the emerging regimes in legal pluralism
  • Adjusting the laws and policies for change
  • Human beings and how we deal with change


Participants are expected to be drawn from wide and varied disciplines ; policy makers, water managers, social scientists, natural scientists, water resource managers, economists, ecologists, hydrologists, legal practitioners, private and public sector specialists, psychologists, etc. are expected to be amongst the registered delegates.

Following on from the 6th World Water Forum, the WISA biannual conference and the Rio+20 summit on sustainable development, this conference will provide an opportunity to decipher and articulate new identified priority areas and for creating partnerships to formulate plans of action.

Considering the great enthusiasm from the partners and their respective networks for this conference, we would expect an attendance of between 250 to 350 participants from around the world.


The conference will require additional funding to run effectively and this is an appeal to organisations and institutions with a vested interest in ensuring that the correct ‘Governance’ decisions are made – to consider funding this event! The funding options listed below provide a range of high value opportunities to reach a large, targeted audience of decision makers in the ‘Governance’ field. All sponsoring and exhibiting organisations will have the opportunity to include their logo and a promotional paragraph in the printed Programme Handbook.


ALL sponsors will be publicly thanked from the podium during the conference.

ALL sponsors will be acknowledged and have their name, logo and 10-line paragraph included in the

printed Programme Handbook and will have the right to show a slide in the main auditorium between sessions with wording of their choice.








Primary co-sponsor of the Conference – includes branding of the official Conference Dinner

l Sponsor’s logo to be displayed on all conf


l Sponsorship of the Conference Dinner.

l Banners at the dinner venue + a free hand to

"brand" the dinner.

l The sponsor may issue invitation cards/ provide

printed menus in their name.

l A representative of the sponsor may give a 5-

min word of welcome at the Dinner.

l Link to sponsor’s web page from conference


l A free 3m x 3m Exhibition Package.

l Free registration of two delegates.





R120 000





Co-sponsors (x2) of the conference

l Sponsor’s logo to be displayed on all conf


l Link to sponsor’s web page from conference


l Full page colour advertisement on inside front

or inside back cover of the Programme


l A free 3m x 3m exhibition stand.

l Free registration of two delegates.

l The organisers are open to suggestions

for any extra promotional ideas you may

have for your organisation.





R 90 000




Co-sponsors (x2) of the conference

l Full page colour advertisement in the

Programme Handbook.

l Link to sponsor’s web page from conference

Web page.

l Free 3m x 3m exhibition stand.

l Free registration of one delegate.

The organisers are open to suggestions

for any extra promotional ideas you may

have for your organisation.



R 50 000

Programme handbook

(containing abstracts)

l ‘This handbook has been sponsored by ………"

to appear on font cover, together with logo.

l Full-colour advert on outside back cover.

l Link to sponsor’s web page from conf web



R35 000


Conference bags

l Sponsor’s name and logo to appear on

(environmentally friendly!) bags

l Link to sponsor’s web page from conf web


R30 000


Cocktail reception

l Free hand for promotion during the event

l Sponsor’s name and logo next to programme

entry of the event.

l Sponsor’s name and logo next to mention of the

reception in the final letter to delegates.

l Sponsor may give a 5-min word of welcome.


R25 000

Drumming session (entertainment at the Meet-and-Greet)

l Sponsor’s name & logo next to programme

entry for the Meet-and-Greet Reception.

l Free hand for promotion during the relevant


R25 000

Tea breaks

(2 x 3 days)

l Sponsor’s name & logo next to programme

entry for morning or afternoon teas.

l Free hand for promotion during the relevant

breaks (i.e. each morning / afternoon).

Per break

R20 000


Exhibition stand or ‘knowledge booth’

(´ 15)

l 3m ´ 3m packaged shell scheme.

l One person to man the stand and/ or attend the

Conference (including daily lunches, tea/coffee

and social functions).

l Exhibitor’s brochures included in delegate


l For further details, see below.


Exhibitor package

R10 000



l Financial support for a student to attend

the conference.

l Student’s photo on conf noticeboard linked to

the sponsor.

l One advert strip in the Programme Handbook.


R 6 000

The organisers will be pleased to consider any other funding proposals submitted

by prospective sponsors………


Institutions, associations, scientific/technical bodies or commercial companies are invited to exhibit their services or wares relative to the theme of the conference. 3m x 3m booths will be positioned in, or adjacent to, the area for morning and afternoon tea. This arrangement will give ample opportunity for exhibitors to interact with conference delegates during the daily breaks. It will be possible for exhibitors to book larger stands at additional cost. Please discuss your specific requirements with the Conference Secretariat in this regard.

Exhibition package

Cost of ‘Exhibition Package’ : R10 000.

Payment of the 3m x 3m ‘Exhibition Package’ will entitle one person to:

t man their respective stand and/or attend the conference as delegates. This person will be entitled to daily lunches, teas/coffees, attendance at the Cocktail Reception and the Conference Dinner for the three days of the conference;

t a packaged shell-scheme stand consisting of walling, fascia, fascia name, one double fluorescent light and a 15 amp power point, with a shared dB Board;

t a trestle table with tablecloth and two chairs;

t one conference bag per stand containing all conference documentation;

t a descriptive paragraph (250 words) on the exhibiting organisation/association (in wording of your choice) and a logo in the final printed programme handbook;

t an opportunity to insert brochures or promotional literature into delegate bags.

A floor plan of the exhibition area will only be available prior to the conference when the number of delegates is known and the auditoria allotted. However, the choice of stands will be strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis.


The organisers will welcome your participation as a sponsor, funder or exhibitor of this conference and look forward to working with you in this regard. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Conference Secretariat if you wish to take advantage of one of the above sponsorship opportunities, or if you wish to book an exhibition stand or ‘knowledge booth’.


Conference Secretariat  Tel:  +27 (0)12 667-3681
 PO Box 82  Fax:  +27 (0)12 667-3680
 IRENE  Email:  confplan@iafrica.com
0062 South Africa Website: http://wrc.org.za
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