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Sudhir Pillay 
New Arumloo toilet designed to save water required for flushing waste

The WRC has funded the innovation of a micro-flush toilet, with the objective of reducing the amount of water required for flushing. The final prototype – branded the “Arumloo” as its design mimics water movement in nature’s Arum Lily. The Arumloo toilet uses between 1 and 2.5 litres of water per flush, using a dual-flush mechanism. A flush is achieved using an innovative pan design that creates a vortex to remove stools more efficiently and a gush of water (‘gush flush') that enters into the P-trap (see photo).

Mr. Jonny Harris, the researcher responsible for the toilet's design, explains:  “The elongated P-trap with an inverted egg shaped profile was made to enable effective conveyance of waste at low water volumes and the convex shape of the toilet pan promotes an accelerating vortex action for effective clearing of waste”.

The prototype has been tested with toilet paper and a synthetic stool made from soya paste and newspaper, and has passed the international MaP tests used for toilets.

The innovative flushing features enable the micro-flush toilet to use as little as 1 litre of water per flush while offering an appearance and operation similar to a conventional toilet. The final product is envisaged to be commercially available in ceramic material, and, since it’s functioning and feel is similar to a conventional flush toilet, the Arumloo can also bridge the aspiration gap between users of dry toilets and users with a 'green conscience'.

As Mr Jay Bhagwan, WRC Executive Manager for Water Use and Waste Management, points out: “The newly-introduced micro-flush/Arumloo toilet is an addition to products contributing to water efficiency and conservation innovations, and will go a long way in tackling water scarcity faced by many parts of the world”.

 To watch the prototype in action, watch these videos:



 Contact:  Dr Sudhir Pillay, email: sudhirp@wrc.org.za


New Arumloo toilet
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