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Securing Water for the Future: The National Water RDI Roadmap, National Roadshows 1-29 November 2016 
Increasing water scarcity has placed water as the biggest societal and economic risk for the next ten years.  Most risks are global in nature and have the potential to cause significant negative impact across entire countries and industries. These risks could be linked to water overuse and shortage, poor water infrastructure and management.

Water risks affect both industrialised and developing economies alike; repercussions of its overuse and increasing shortage are multiple and complex, widespread and severe. This reality places renewed emphasis on the need for innovative solutions, technologies and processes as well as highly skilled individuals that will be able to rise to the challenge of navigating these complexities going into the future.

In order to overcome the challenge of water-related innovation and associated skills needs in the South Africa’s water sector, the Water RDI Roadmap was conceptualised and co-created by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the Water Research Commission (WRC). This Roadmap provides a structured framework to focus the contribution of Research, Development and Innovation activity to the implementation of national policy, strategy and planning in water resources management in South Africa.

 About the National Water RDI Roadmap

The roadmap lays out seven innovation investment clusters which over a 10 -year period intend to facilitate a more competitive and effective innovation position for the South African water sector and ultimately helps to secure water for future needs. The Roadmap is the implementation plan for Chapter 14 (Research and Development) of the National Water Resources Strategy II and provides guidance and a strategic direction for all organisations and individuals involved in water sector research, development and innovation.

In a nutshell, the roadmap is a plan that focuses on investing in research, innovation upscaling and deployment, and the skills needed to achieve the investment ambition of the roadmap. The roadmap broadly focuses on unlocking alternative sources of water; governance, management and planning of supply and demand; unlocking new ways of managing built and ecological infrastructure; improving the business efficiency of the water sector through dealing with non-revenue water as well as innovating around pricing, monitoring metering and billing; and finally, there is a focus on efficiency. More than 60 organisations were consulted in the development of this Roadmap.

The WRC is currently rolling out national roadshows in different parts of the country in an effort to introduce a finalised plan to all interested stakeholders and allow them to meet the instruments that have been put in place to support the implementation of the Roadmap and have a conversation on how best institutions can engage with the Water RDI Roadmap, PMU and WADER.

 Dates for Water RDI Roadmap Sessions in different cities





Cape Town  

01 November 2016 

9 AM – 12:30 PM

Cape Town Lodge Hotel

East London

07 November 2016

9 AM – 12:30 PM

Premier Hotel King David


14 November 2016

9 AM – 12:30 PM



28 November 2016

9 AM – 12:30 PM


While extending the invitation to all the interested parties, Dr Valerie Naidoo, Executive Manager responsible for Business Development at the WRC said, “In all the planned roadshows, the morning sessions will serve as a short introductory overview of the roadmap. In the afternoon, we will have a number of short meeting slots where the Roadmap team will be available to meet with stakeholders to have conversations about the roadmap and how to get more involved with supporting this water RDI coordination and strategizing process”.

Naidoo further explained, “In addition, should organisations or individuals like to get a more detailed partnership building meeting, the Roadmap team will be in town for a few days around this event so that all the interested stakeholders wishing to set up a more detailed conversation, we will gladly come and meet with them”.

Please direct any queries and book specific appointments with Sarah Ruvhudzulo: sarahr@wrc.org.za, 083 601 4612.


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