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Results 1-20 of 370.
Turning to nature to solve modern day problems
2018/09/03; Water Wheel Article
Two thirsty cities’ successful attempts to consume less water
2018/07/11; Water Wheel Article
Seawater desalination – what difference does site choice make to cost?
2018/05/10; Water Wheel Article
Are icebergs a realistic option for augmenting Cape Town’s water supply?
2018/03/02; Water Wheel Article
From waste to worth – converting wastewater sludge into high-value products
2017/12/08; Water Wheel Article
Rietvlei dam - faithful supplier of water to the capital
2017/12/08; Water Wheel Article
Civil engineering fraternity expresses concern over state of South Africa’s infrastructure
2017/10/31; Water Wheel Article
Hydraulic performance of sluice gate with unloaded upstream rotor
Authors: Elgamal M; Abdel-Mageed N; Helmy A; Ghanem A; 2017/10/31; Water SA Manuscript
Investigation into the kinetics of constructed wetland degradation processes as a precursor to biomimetic design
Authors: Aylward L; Kappelmeyer U; Bonner R; Hecht P; Sheridan C; 2017/10/31; Water SA Manuscript
Discharge coefficient of semi-circular labyrinth side weir in subcritical flow
Authors: Khalili M; Honar T; 2017/07/28; Water SA Manuscript
Shifting to urban sensitive water design – One Water
2017/03/01; Water Wheel Article
Package plants for drinking water treatment
2016/11/15; Brief - Technical Brief
Knowledge for impact - Research for successful service delivery at the local government level
2016/08/12; Special Publication
Ensuring the safety of South Africa’s large dams
2016/07/17; Brief - Policy Brief
Steady rise in service delivery but quality concerns remain
2016/07/15; Water Wheel Article
Improving the design of straight ogee spillways
2016/03/17; Brief - Technical Brief
Hydrological Heritage Overview: Cape Town - where sweet waters meet the sea
Authors: Dippenaar MA; 2016/03/06; Special Publication
Investigating the sustainability of desalination and water reuse
2016/03/02; Brief - Technical Brief
Dam safety - ensuring the integrity of SA's registered dams
2016/03/02; WIN-SA
Optimising fogwater harvesting in South Africa
2016/01/25; Brief - Technical Brief
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