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Innovation, research enables better water management
2018/09/21; WIN-SA
The synthesis of highly selective immobilised ligands for extraction of toxic metal ions from wastewater
Authors: Barnard B; Bode-Aluko CA; Pereao O; Fatoba OO; Luckay R; Petrik LF; 2018/08/01; Research Report No.2391/1/18
Electrospun chitosan-based nanofibres for removal of phenols from drinking water
Authors: Nthunya LN; Masheane ML; Malinga SP; Nxumalo EN; Mhlanga SD; 2018/07/31; Water SA Manuscript
Application of molecularly imprinted polymer designed for the selective extraction of ketoprofen from wastewater
Authors: Madikizela LM; Zunngu SS; Mlunguza NY; Tavengwa NT; Mdluli PS; Chimuka L; 2018/07/31; Water SA Manuscript
The age of the drone – Keeping an eye on the nation’s water
2018/07/11; Water Wheel Article
In-depth study sheds light on irrigated farming areas, water use
2018/07/11; Water Wheel Article
Authors: Rivett U; McLaren M; Arito H; Pashapa T; Solomon R; Jacobs C; 2018/05/01; Research Report No.TT 753/18
Are icebergs a realistic option for augmenting Cape Town’s water supply?
2018/03/02; Water Wheel Article
Assessing the Adaptive Capacity of Rural Municipalities to Implement ICT interventions for Community Engagement in Drinking Water Supply Management
Authors: Rivett U; Jacobs C; Chibota R; Ngobeni L; Forlee B; Chemisto M; Chigona W; van Belle J-P; Taylor D; Maphazi N; 2018/03/01; Research Report No.TT 744/1/17
Opening avenues to overcome information limits in seasonal forecasting
Authors: Hewitson B; Wolski P; Jack C; 2018/03/01; Research Report No.2249/1/17
Greening the insurance industry: Nature’s role in managing risk
Authors: Pringle C; Cartwright A; McKenzie M; Reddy S; 2018/01/01; Research Report No.2611/1/17
REVIEW: Biosensors for the detection of Escherichia coli
Authors: Maas MB; Perold WJ; Dicks LMT; 2017/10/31; Water SA Manuscript
Optimising the use of updated and additional products from the nowcasting satellite application facility
Authors: de Coning E; Gijben M; Van Hemert L; Cronje C; Maseko B; 2017/10/01; Research Report No.2430/1/17
Extending the EDC Toolbox 1 to include thyroid and androgenic bioassays
Authors: Aneck-Hahn NH; Van Zijl MC; de Jager C; Simba H; 2017/10/01; Research Report No.2303/1/17
Tapping into the power of mobile technology for strengthening behavioral change
2017/09/29; Brief - Policy Brief
Comparison of UV and ELS detectors in HSPEC analysis of natural organic matter in dam water
Authors: Moodley KG; Sobantu P; Gericke G; Chetty DK; Pienaar DH; 2017/07/28; Water SA Manuscript
Evaluation of the pour flush toilets in schools and households
2017/07/05; WIN-SA
Development of a high throughput sequential phytoremediation system for sustainable water purification using endemic macrophytes
Authors: Downing TG; van Onselen R; 2017/07/01; Research Report No.2367/1/17
A technological and economic exploration of phosphate recovery from centralised sewage treatment in a transitioning economy context
Authors: Sikosana MKLN; Randall DG; Von Blottnitz H; 2017/04/20; Water SA Manuscript
Automated irrigation systems for wheat and tomato crops in arid regions
Authors: Al-Ghobari HM; Mohammad FS; El Marazky MSA; Dewidar AZ; 2017/04/20; Water SA Manuscript
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