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Results 1-20 of 980.
Impact of variable speed pumps on water quality in distribution systems
Authors: Darweesh MS; 2018/07/31; Water SA Manuscript
Economic risks due to declining water quality in the Breede River catchment
Authors: Cullis JDS; Rossouw N; Du Toit G; Petrie D; Wolfaardt G; De Clercq W; Horn A; 2018/07/31; Water SA Manuscript
Microplastics in freshwater water environments
Authors: Bouman H; Minaar K; Bezuidenhout C; Verster C; 2018/07/26; Research Report No.2610/1/18
Water hyacinth: Adding value to a noxious weed
2018/07/11; Water Wheel Article
Comparison of the chemical quality of rainwater harvested from roof and surface run-off systems
Authors: Selala MS; Thenga H; Jewitt GPW; Chaplot V; 2018/04/25; Water SA Manuscript
Partition distribution of selected organochlorine pesticides in water, sediment pore water and surface sediment from uMngeni River, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Authors: Gakuba E; Moodley B; Ndungu P; Birungi G; 2018/04/25; Water SA Manuscript
High-frequency monitoring of stream water physicochemistry on sub-Antarctic Marion Island
Authors: Stowe M-J; Hedding DW; Eckardt FD; Nel W; 2018/04/25; Water SA Manuscript
Investigating the effects of different physical and chemical stress factors on microbial biofilm
Authors: Vatansever C; Turetgen I; 2018/04/25; Water SA Manuscript
Oxidative stress biomarkers in Oreochromis niloticus as early warning signals in assessing pollution from acid mine drainage and diffuse sources of pollutants in a subtropical river
Authors: Jiri Z; Tazvivinga A; Greenfield R; Van Vuren JHJ; 2018/04/25; Water SA Manuscript
Development of an Integrated Water Quality Management Framework Decision Support System: Pilot study in the Breede-Gouritz Water Management Area
Authors: Boyd L; Adams F; Sithole Z; Dateling J; McConkey G; 2018/04/11; Research Report No.TT 740/17
Parched Prospects 3: Using the International Futures model to forecast water supply and withdrawals in South Africa
Authors: Donnenfeld Z; Hedden S; Hughes B; Cilliers J; Crookes C; 2018/03/01; Research Report No.TT 741/17
Multi-array sensor technology for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons screening in wastewater
Authors: Baker PGL; 2018/03/01; Research Report No.2454/1/17
An assessment of incentivising community engagement in drinking water supply management
Authors: Rivett U; Jacobs C; Chibota R; Ngobeni L; Forlee B; Chemisto M; Chigona W; van Belle J-P; Taylor D; Maphazi N; 2018/03/01; Research Report No.2214/1/17
Assessing the Adaptive Capacity of Rural Municipalities to Implement ICT interventions for Community Engagement in Drinking Water Supply Management
Authors: Rivett U; Jacobs C; Chibota R; Ngobeni L; Forlee B; Chemisto M; Chigona W; van Belle J-P; Taylor D; Maphazi N; 2018/03/01; Research Report No.TT 744/1/17
Design and implementation of an ICT system for community engagement in drinking water supply management
Authors: Rivett U; Jacobs C; Chemisto M; 2018/03/01; Research Report No.TT 744/2/17
Experiences with advanced water metering in South Africa
Authors: Van Zyl JE; Ngabirano L; Malunga M; Mwangi M; 2018/03/01; Research Report No.2370/1/18
Associations between stormwater retention pond parameters and pollutant (suspended solids and metals) removal efficiencies
Authors: Brink IC; Kamish W; 2018/01/31; Water SA Manuscript
Determination of oestrogen hormones in raw and treated water samples by reverse phase ultra-fast liquid chromatography mass spectrometry – a case study in Johannesburg South, South Africa
Authors: Mnguni SB; Schoeman C; Marais SS; Cukrowska E; Chimuka L; 2018/01/31; Water SA Manuscript
The application of strategic adaptive management in the water services sector
Authors: Frame JDG; Clifford-Holmes JK; Winter K; Davies J; 2018/01/01; Research Report No.1123b/1/17
Literature Review and Terms of Reference for Case Study for Linking the Setting of Water Quality License Conditions with Resource Quality Objectives and/or Site-Specific Conditions in the Vaal Barrage Area and Associated Rivers within the Lower Sections
Authors: Odume ON; Griffin N; Mensah PK; 2018/01/01; Research Report No.2782/1/17
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