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Results 1-20 of 327.
Prediction of wind drift and evaporation losses of a sprinkler irrigation system using principal component analysis and artificial neural network technique
Authors: Marey SA; El Marazky MSA; Aboukarima AM; 2018/07/31; Water SA Manuscript
Exploring ways to increase public investments in agricultural water management and irrigation for improved agricultural productivity in Southern Africa
Authors: Nhemachena C; Matchaya G; Nhlengethwa S; Nhemachena CR; 2018/07/31; Water SA Manuscript
The age of the drone – Keeping an eye on the nation’s water
2018/07/11; Water Wheel Article
In-depth study sheds light on irrigated farming areas, water use
2018/07/11; Water Wheel Article
Berg River study points to importance of monitoring in managing catchments
2018/07/11; Water Wheel Article
Resource use efficiencies in potato production
2018/03/02; Water Wheel Article
An earth observation approach towards mapping irrigated area and quantifying water use by irrigated crops in South Africa
Authors: van Niekerk A; Jarmain C; Goudriaan R; Muller SJ; Ferreira F; Münch Z; Pauw T; Stephenson G; Gibson L; 2018/03/01; Research Report No.TT 745/17
Effect of sodium adsorption ratio and electric conductivity of the applied water on infiltration in a sandy-loam soil
Authors: Aboukarima AM; Al-Sulaiman MA; El Marazky MSA; 2018/01/31; Water SA Manuscript
Proudly-South African Felix Reinders to head up global irrigation and drainage commission
2017/12/08; Water Wheel Article
Water and salt balances of two shallow groundwater cropping systems using subjective and objective irrigation scheduling
Authors: Barnard JH; Van Rensburg LD; Bennie ATP; Du Preez CC; 2017/10/31; Water SA Manuscript
Food security: households using water wise backyard gardens to grow vegetables
2017/10/17; WIN-SA
Water footprint assessments for fruit and vegetable crops
2017/09/29; Brief - Policy Brief
Coping and adaptation strategies for agricultural water use during drought periods
2017/09/29; Brief - Policy Brief
Study highlights economic trade-offs in irrigation design
2017/08/28; Water Wheel Article
Beyond the farm gate: FruitLook unlocks bigger picture
2017/08/28; Water Wheel Article
Jumping the water queue: changing waterscapes under water reform processes in rural Zimbabwe
Authors: Kemerink-Seyoum JS; Chinguno NLT; Seyoum SD; Ahlers R; Bolding JA; Van der Zaag P; 2017/07/28; Water SA Manuscript
Project modelling irrigation water use through satellite technology progresses
2017/07/05; Water Wheel Article
Benefits flow from SA water innovation to irrigation schemes, farms
2017/07/05; Water Wheel Article
New guideline to determine pasture water requirements
2017/05/11; Water Wheel Article
Calibration and testing of AquaCrop for selected sorghum genotypes
Authors: Hadebe ST; Modi AT; Mabhaudhi T; 2017/04/20; Water SA Manuscript
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