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Research Project Management

Research - PM - Progress Report & Work Programme

Progress Reports: Guidelines for Preparation

The progress report details targets and deliverables achieved in the preceding project period. The report should be as concise as possible: 10-15 pages maximum.

The following guidelines should be followed when preparing a progress report:

  1. Project objectives: The original objectives of the project as indicated in the Agreement should be revisited.

  2. Targets for the report period: Recall the targets formulated for the period since the previous Reference Group meeting

  3. Progress against deliverables during the report period: Report on deliverables submitted during the period under review, focusing on how they were achieved and the quality of deliverables. Also report on any of the targets not achieved during the period, the reasons (technical, personnel, financial) for this and steps taken/to be taken to overcome problems.

  4. Capacity development: Certain aspects of capacity building may form part of the project objectives and deliverables, and would be reported on within that context. Nevertheless, because capacity development is a high-priority strategic area of the WRC, it is a requirement to provide, in a separate section, summary information and statistics on the project's achievements with regard to capacity development in relation to individuals, institutions and communities.

  5. Information and knowledge dissemination: Although information dissemination may form part of the project's objectives and deliverables and be reported on within this context, it is nevertheless required that a consolidated list of publications and other information dissemination activities be presented. Relevant items include: papers in scientific journals; articles in popular scientific (public understanding of science) publications; papers delivered at conferences, symposia and workshops; theses/dissertations; interim reports regarding certain facets of the research; knowledge dissemination workshops organised and held.

  6. General: Any other information of note: e.g. acknowledgement of outside assistance, international links established, additional resources leveraged, etc.

  7. Conclusions: Conclusions should briefly assess the current state of the project in relation to the achievement of the overall objectives.


Work Programmes

The work programme relates to the following phase of the project and should focus on Deliverables and corresponding target dates, as specified in Annexure A of the contractual Agreement (a Gantt chart or equivalent is a useful format in this regard).

Any deviations from the original work programme, as given in Annexure A, will need to be presented in detail, with motivation, justification and due consideration of possible budgetary and/or contractual implications.


Project leaders should submit progress reports and work programmes to the KSA Coordinator in electronic format (E-mail) at least 3 weeks before the scheduled Reference Group meeting. Copies will be then be distributed to members at least 2 weeks before the meeting.



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