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Research - Proposal

Proposals - Evaluation and Selection

Selection Criteria

Following the initial screening, the focus of the selection process is primarily on the applicability of the research and the quality of the proposal.  The criteria are basically similar for both Directed and Open research proposals. Furthermore, the selection criteria help to ensure that the WRC’s expectations and requirements with regard to strategic initiatives such as capacity development, equity and re-dress, knowledge dissemination, innovation, commercialisation and leveraging of resources will be met.

The selection criteria include:

  • Applicability and relevance to the needs of society and to the WRC’s strategic research objectives
  • Scientific/Technical credibility
  • Potential contribution to capacity building and competence development
  • Innovation
  • Knowledge application/commercialisation
  • Knowledge dissemination
  • Leveraging of resources
  • Financial and in-kind contributions from organisations other than the WRC
  • Anticipated value for money (through critical assessment of the proposed budget)
  • Track records of research team, project leader and lead organisation (where applicable)
  • Make-up of the research team with regard to equity and redress

Criteria are appropriately weighted and a final merit score is ascertained to assist in decision-making. It should be noted that these scores are used as a guide rather than as an absolute basis for the prioritisation and ranking of proposals during the evaluation and selection process.


Evaluation Process

Evaluation and final selection of suitable research proposals follows a four-stage process:

  • The first step is the screening of proposals for:
    • completeness of the submitted information
    • relevance, to ensure that proposals address topics (thrusts, programmes) for which funding has been allocated
  • Proposals which qualify will then be referred to external, expert reviewers (national and/or international) for further evaluation (with particular reference to the selection criteria)
  • Based on the reviewers’ assessments, the WRC’s responsible research manager will prepare recommendations for further evaluation and consideration by a KSA team. These teams consist of the KSA Executive Manager and selected research managers
  • Recommendations emanating from the KSA team assessments are then presented to the WRC Executive (CEO, Group Executive R&D and all KSA Executive Managers). Final decisions made at this level, complete the selection process

In the interests of transparency, all decisions to either fund or not fund a particular research proposal are fully documented. The main reasons for decisions not to fund are routinely communicated to proposers of research projects.



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