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Dr Gerhard Backeberg

Executive Manager : Water Utilisation in Agriculture

Dr Backeberg obtained his M.Sc. (Agric) with distinction (1984) and his PhD (1994) at the University of Pretoria, with specialisation in Agricultural Economics. Dr Backeberg is currently Director for Water Utilisation in Agriculture at the Water Research Commission, Pretoria, where he has been involved in research leadership and project management on a range of issues regarding agricultural water management since 1995. The strategic focus is on improving knowledge of the biological, technical and economic processes for efficient water use and food production; improving knowledge for effective management of water by people in the food value chain; improving knowledge of natural processes and people-induced impacts of water resource use.  His career started in 1977 with the Department of Agriculture where his research and advisory work focused on planning of irrigation farming, feasibility studies of irrigation schemes and analysis of irrigation policy. He has been involved in irrigation research, advice and project management since 1981.  He has published widely in scientific journals and popular magazines, presented papers at national and international conferences, participated in management of professional societies and presently serves as Vice President of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) since 2011.