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Mr Jay Bhagwan

Executive Manager: Water Use and Waste Management

Mr Jay Bhagwan is a qualified civil and public health engineer with extensive practical knowledge and research management experience in all aspects of water supply and sanitation in developing areas. He has the added responsibility of contributing to the WRC's business development. The Water Use and Waste Management KSA focuses mainly on the domestic, industrial and mining water sectors. It aims to proactively and effectively lead and support the advancement of technology, science, management and policies relevant to water supply, waste and effluent management, for these sectors. His KSA also supports studies on institutional and management issues, with special emphasis on the efficient functioning of water service institutions and their viability. Research on infrastructure for both water supply and sanitation is included. A further focus is on water supply and treatment technology serving the domestic (urban, rural, large and small systems) as well as the industrial/commercial and mining sectors of our economy. This KSA also focuses on waste and effluent as well as reuse technologies that can support the municipal, mining and industrial sectors and improve management in these sectors with the aim of improving productivity and supporting economic growth while minimising the negative effect on human and environmental health.