Women in Water Empowerment Programme (WWEP)

The Women in Water Empowerment Programme’s (WWEP) goal is to provide support to women-owned and led enterprises to be effective and efficient in delivering water and sanitation-related services to the public. The programme targets, among others, women-owned companies in the fields of research and development (including technological innovation), science and engineering, construction and local community initiatives.  WWEP’s purpose is to facilitate a safe and supportive environment where newly-formed enterprises, especially those from previously disadvantaged groups, can start-up and sustain their businesses and access available opportunities in the water and sanitation sector. The programme’s cohorts are divided into three groups: beginners (women-owned enterprises in business, however, with no sustainable growth), intermediates (women-owned enterprises in business, however, not as established as big enterprises) and advanced/established (women-owned enterprises at intermediate stages that function as fully-fledged businesses but that require additional support to take their businesses to the next level of operation and compete nationally and globally).

The programme has three projects whereby cohorts are selected for participation. These are: Women In Water Entrepreneurship Incubator Project (WWEIP), targeted strictly at women-owned enterprises from the cohorts; Women In Water Mentorship Project (WWMP) targeted at both women professionals and women-owned enterprises from the cohorts; and Women In Water Forum Project (WWFP), a dialogue space where women professionals and entrepreneurs can interact, network and strategise about amplifying their voice in the water and sanitation sector, provide support to one another, and make inputs on how to strengthen the programme.