Water RDI Roadmap

The Water Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Roadmap is a high-level planning intervention that facilitates and guides refocusing of research, reprioritisation of funds, synergising of existing initiatives and ring-fencing of new resources to facilitate a more optimal water innovation system.

The Water RDI Roadmap is a partnership initiative between the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) and the Water Research Commission (WRC). The Roadmap is the implementation plan for Chapter 14 of the National Water Resources Strategy (NWRS II).




The Roadmap focuses on seven thematic clusters:

  • Unlocking alternative sources of water
  • Governance, planning and management of supply
  • Improving adequacy and performance of infrastructure (built and ecological)
  • Financially sustainable “business” approaches for improving operational performance
  • Governance, planning and management of demand
  • Reducing losses and increasing efficiency of productive use
  • Improving monitoring and metering

Notably these clusters need to be interpreted in an integrated manner in order to understand the range of nexus issues that the water sector intersects with; relating to food, energy, human development and other issues .

The Roadmap Coordination and Implementation Unit (CIU) is housed at the WRC and exists to support coordination and implementation of the Roadmap. The CIU provides a range of services to the sector including:

  • Signalling Water RDI investment priorities;
  • Managing roadmap co-investment where needed;
  • Profiling existing Water RDI Roadmap aligned activities;
  • Undertaking Water RDI Ecosystem M&E;
  • Scoping new opportunities;
  • Supporting, coordinating, managing Partnerships.

Please connect to the Water RDI Roadmap website on https://www.sawaterroadmap.co.za/